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LIPS と Ambarella が次世代 3D ステレオ カメラを発表

LIPS Corporation (LIPS Corp.), a global leading provider in 3DxAI solutions, announced the new LIPSedge™ S-Series Stereo Cameras at CES® 2023, based on CV2 CVflow® edge AI perception SoC from Ambarella, a global leader in AI perception processing. The result is this next-gen 3D camera series, which fuses the power of high-resolution 2D and 3D image processing in a single camera to enable applications in all industries that require the combined capabilities of 2D imaging and 3D machine vision.

The new LIPSedge™ S Series 3D Stereo Camera can support up to 720p depth and up to 4K RGB resolution and feature wide FOV, long range and excellent accuracy. These RGB-D cameras are available in both USB and PoE versions and provide developers the high-quality results needed to build and deploy 2D and 3D machine vision applications.

Example applications include a robotic arm that can perform pick and place operations in 3D, along with visual inspection in both 2D and 3D. The LIPSedge™ S Series 3D Stereo Camera can also enable service robots with the ability to navigate a warehouse in 3D while performing inventory control in 2D. The possibilities are limitless. This camera series integrates an Ambarella CV2 CVflow® SoC with high performance edge AI processing capabilities that can support up to six sensors for 360-degree FOV coverage.

These new LIPSedge™ S-Series also features a global shutter sensor, which dramatically reduces visual distortion for superior perception in high-motion and vibration environments, and a 6-axis IMU, which is required for high-precision perception applications such as Vision Guided Robotics (VGR), Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR), and unmanned drones. The series also supports industrial 3D frameworks, including OpenNI, OpenCV, ROS/ROS2, Halcon, Nvidia Isaac, and more.

“By working with an industrial AI perception processing leader like Ambarella, we were able to come up with this next-gen 3D camera design that powers both 2D and 3D image processing on a single camera,” said Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation. “Adding this AI sensor fusion capability to our camera portfolio dramatically changes the machine vision landscape going forward.”

“Our CVflow® edge AI perception SoCs provide the required neural network performance, stereovision support and excellent image quality, all while running with extremely low power consumption,” said Chris Day, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Ambarella. “This industry leading performance per watt enabled LIPS to develop their next-generation 3D camera design, which supports industrial customers and systems integrators with reduced time to market.”

Samples of the new LIPSedge™ S-Series 3D Stereo Camera are available for evaluation now. For more information, please visit LIPSedge S Series product page or write to for inquiry!

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