Optimizing Logistics Operations with 3D Dimensioning

All-in-one Measurement Solution

Instant Measurement of Package Dimension & Weight

The LIPSMetric™ Static Dimensioner is a high-performance fixed dimensioning system that uses 3D depth sensing technology to measure a wide range of object sizes and can measure objects of any shape under any condition, with a measurement time of just one second.

Essential for companies looking to optimize logistical operations, storage space, workflow, and load planning.

A comprehensive Machine Vision solution consisting of a 3D camera, LIPSMetric™ MeasureMaster 3D software, and an all-in-one design. With two flexible options available to meet your needs, it is ideal for Smart Logistics, Warehouse Management, Smart Retail, and A.I. Transportation applications.

ST110d, a Camera Kit for Integration Solution

A flexible camera kit solution that integrates the LIPSedge™ 3D camera and software into your existing system for measurement purposes.

ST115b-MH, the Kiosk for Implementation

An all-in-one kiosk solution for easy implementation into your workflow for measurement purposes.


To find out more, please visit LIPS® website at www.lips-hci.com
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