LIPSFace AC770 Facial Recognition Access Control Terminal

New Era of Access Control

LIPSFace™ AC770 – a contactless 3D AI Facial Recognition System based on biometric authentication with advanced 3D vision liveness detection powered by Intel® RealSense™ Technology and accelerated by Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit for the high-level security.

LIPSFace AC770 3D AI Facial Recognition Access Control Terminal

World-Class Authentication Experiences

LIPS exclusive 3D AI Liveness Detection and Anti-Spoofing provides 0.3 second ultra-fast, accurate, and contact-less authentication experience where top security level is required, such as coporate centers, commercial offices, transportation stations, airports, banks, VIP clubs, institutions, and estates. In addition, LIPSFace™ AC770 achieves 98.89% world-class accuracy with MegaFace and 99.83% with LFW.

LIPSFace AC770 Facial Recognition Performance

Edge Processing with Centralized Management

LIPSFace™ can process up to 20,000 users on the edge and offers two kids of management software packs for single to multiple-terminal scenarios. Edge Management Software (EMS) for single terminal management with simple and user-friendly UI design. Centralized Management Software (CMS) for multiple terminal management which provides easy integration on user applications and platforms with RESTful APIs.

LIPSFace Centralized Management Software (CMS)

All-purpose FLIP Design ​

LIPSFace™ AC770 adapts the flip design concept, which creates a seamless transformation (desktop, wall-mount, stand, turnstile) in one unibody for multiple scenarios.

LIPSFace™ AC770 desktop, wall-mount, stand, turnstile flip design

Key Features

  • Less than 0.3 second, instant recognition time and liveness detection per user for smooth access
  • Top global ranking validation, 99.83% LFW and 98.89% MegaFace benchmarked
  • 3D Liveness detection and anti-spoofing, offered by LIPS® exclusive real 3D depth and Spectrum-Fusion image capturing and processing
  • LIPS® exclusive adaptive AI deep-learning algorithm, enables LIPSFace™ AC770 to continuously learning users’ facial appearance overtime
  • Enterprise-level database capacity, scalable-up to 20K users on the edge and no limit with CMS. It also allows multi-picture registration per user.

Key Features

LIPSFace AC770 Facial Recognition Access Control Terminal Specification