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LIPSMetric™ HA115a-MH Handheld Dimensioner Kit

Measurement with Microsoft Surface Go 3

Package, Parcel Dimensioner

LIPSMetric™ HA115a-MH Handheld Dimensioner Kit that works with Microsoft Surface Go 3, with the LIPSedge™ L210u camera integrating dimension measurement capability. LIPSMetric™ HA115a-MH Handheld Dimensioner can increase productivity for logistic, warehouse, retail, ecommerce, and manufacture operations, instantly dimensioning the underlying object

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The challenges

Measuring 1 package is easy. How about measuring 10, 100 or 1000 packages?

High Rate of
Human Errors

Low efficiency
of process

Labor costs increase
year by year

Equipment cost
too expensive

Dimension Measurement Solution

The solution based on Structured Light

The solution comes with LIPSedge™ L210u Structured Light Camera Module and LIPSMetric™ Handheld Dimensioner application which allow the instant dimensioning of the underlying object. Structured Light Technology is the best alternative for 3D depth measurement when it comes to precision and details

Cubic and Non-Cubic capable

資產 218_4x.png
資產 216_4x.png
資產 126_4x.png

A set specifically for Microsoft Surface Go 3 users

Using the LIPSedge™ L210u Structured Light module along with Frame and Holder tailored for the Microsoft Surface Go 3 and Windows users

Install the LIPSMetrics™ Measurement Windows application directly with 700 MB of SSD space

Intelligent and Quick

Instant capture of underlying object with an instant shot

Flat, Round & Long

Box Dimension Measurement
Round Object Dimension Measurement
Long Object Dimension Measurement

Metal, Shiny and Wrapped

Metal, Shiny Surface Dimension Measurement
Dimension Measurement with Plastic Wrapping

Low Light
No Light Conditions

Low Light Dimension Measurement
No Light Dimension Measurement

Floor Detection and Identification

Identify floor with AI algorithm. No need for calibration

Moving Objects

Automatically outline object dimensions

with AI algorithm even when it’s moving

Freight Dimension Measurement
Machine Vision Dimension Measurement

Logistics, Warehouse, Retail and Manufacturing

Instant capture of underlying object with an instant shot

Warehouse Dimensioner


Warehouse space measurement


Pallet Dimensioner


Moving Object Dimensioner


Mobile, Portable Device Dimensioner


LIPSMetric™ includes Dimensional Weight Calculation

What is Dimensional Weight?

  • Dimensional weight is a formula used by carriers to determine the cost of shipping a package based on its volume.

  • It reflects a package’s volume, or the amount of space it occupies relative to its actual weight. 

The Formula:

Dimensional Weight = (Length x Width x Height) / 5000


Unit: kg

dimension measurement

Use Case Scenarios

Automatically identify the floor and detect the object's dimension.

No calibration required.

Who uses Dimensional Weight?

In 2015 it was adopted by UPS, FedEx, and USPS and many more

United States Postal Service


Microsoft Surface Go 3 Tablet

System Requirement

Camera Included

Object to 3D Camera

Measuring Range


Operating System:

Windows 10 or 11

Minimum Requirements:

Dual Core Intel® Pentium® Gold 6500Y CPU


SSD 700 MB on SSD

LIPSedge L210u
3D Structured Light Camera


50 - 120 cm

Object Height:

5 - 30 cm


Cubic / Non-cubic

±1.0 cm at best case in 50-70cm (Cubic) at 0 degrees
±2.0 cm (Cubic), at other cases
±3.0 cm (Non-Cubic)

For Performance Recommended:

Dual Core Gen10  Intel® Core™ i3-10100Y CPU


SSD 700 MB on SSD


± 30° 

Object Size L x W x H (cm):

Min: 10 x 10 x 5 cm

Max 60 x 40 x 30 cm

資產 6_4x_edited.png

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