Build Contactless Interface with LIPS

The Covid-19 pandemic has been driving the need for contactless interfaces, and ToF sensors have been a key part of this.

LIPSedge M3 is an embedded 3D ToF camera designed for motion gesture recognition. It has compact form factor with an innovative modular design that is neater in size and suited for embedded system. It also provides excellent 3D depth performance.

LIPSense Motion Gesture is a high performance gesture recognition middleware for 3D Depth camera and is the center piece to build a NUI (Natural User Interface) for media applications.

With the compatibility of OpenNI framework, the software can be further developed to operate media systems in extensive environments such as VR, DigitalSignage, SmartTV, or even in-car entertainment system.

To find out more, visit LIPSedge M3 or LIPSense Motion Gesture page or write to info@lips-hci.com for additional inquiries!

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