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Join LIPS at the Intel Edge to Cloud Conference

LIPS Corporation, an Intel gold partner, is exhibiting at the Intel Edge to Cloud Conference today in Taipei NangGang Exhibition Center. We are showcasing our LIPSMetric Multiple Dimensioning Solution targeting targeting SmartRetail.

LIPSMetric Static Dimensioner is a high-performance fixed dimensioning system uses 3D Depth sensing technology to measure objects, helping enterprises capture more revenue, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. The 3D dimensioning system can measure wide object size range and has ability to measure objects in any orientation, forms, or shapes under sub-second measurement time. LIPSMetric Static Dimensioner is a must-have for companies looking to optimize logistical operations or optimizing storage space, workflow, and load planning. It is ideal for shipping stations, warehouses, post-offices, and more.

To learn more, please visit about LIPSMetric Static Dimensioner product page or write to for inquiry!

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