LIPS @ 2020 European Automation Advanced Forum

LIPS demonstrated how 3D & AI drive the future of manufacturing and factory automation with our eco-system partners in Greater Taichung International Expo Center on 7/9.

European Automation Advanced Forum

the forum full of many people


LIPS VGR Solution with ABB Robotic Arms

LIPS Vision Guided Robotic (VGR) Solution is powered by multiple LIPSedge AE400 Ruggedized 3D Cameras and provide real-time 3D images of the work-in-progress metal parts for its shapes, positions, and postures.

It enables ABB robotic arms to adjust its path and angle (x, y, z, a, b, c) to pick and place these metal parts with great speed and accuracy. It also reduces the number of jigs required to position the work-piece in place for the factory automation.


LIPS VGR is suitable for spraying, welding, and other surface treatment operations. In the past, when robot encountered a work-piece with wrong position, it can’t handle flexibly. With 3D Vision and AI in place, LIPS VGR can meet the flexibility for the new generation production line.


LIPS 3D Reconstruction Engine & LIPSMetric 3D Ruler

LIPS also demonstrated our latest 3D Reconstruction Engine with multiple 3D cameras as well as LIPSMetric 3D Ruler to measure parcel dimensions instantly without pre-calibration.

the picture of lips robot VGR solution

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