LIPS® Corporation at Automate 2024

LIPS® Corporation, a global leader in 3DxAI solutions, will be joining Automate 2024 with our product line of 3D Depth Cameras for Robotics and Industrial Applications. With a history of 10 years from design, build, and customization of 3D depth cameras, including developing Middleware and Turnkey Solutions, we will be showcasing our LIPSedge™ AE Series for Robotic Hand-eye, our Edge Accelerator based on NVIDIA™ Jetson Xavier, and the LIPSedge™ S Series, an Award-Winning Edge-AI Acceleration 3D Stereo Camera.

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LIPSedge™ AE430 Active Stereo Camera

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  • Ultra-light weight 280 grams for Robotic Hand-eye 3D Depth camera

  • Compact and Flat for Robotic arms

  • Supported with LIPSedge™ SDK for GenICam protocol compatible software

  • Integrate and deploy to MVTec® Halcon™, Zebra® Aurora Vision, ROS1, ROS2


LIPSedge™ F110 Edge Accelerator

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  • PCIe Edge Accelerator with PCIe Endpoint Mode

  • Based on NVIDIA™ Jetson Xavier

  • Runs on x86 motherboards.

  • Bypasses the CPU releasing resources

  • Expansion and Scalability on top of a single motherboard

  • Efficiency and speed of the robotic system and reducing the latency compared with traditional methods of robotic systems setups


LIPSedge™ S Series Edge-AI 3D Depth Camera

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  • Edge-AI Acceleration 3D Stereo Camera

  • NN inferencing directly on device

  • Ambarella’s CV2 Empowered

  • Deploy directly on-Edge with 3D vision

  • Use industry tools Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch for deployment of on-Edge A.I 3D

    Vision with Image Analytics

LIPS Corporation portfolio brings also ToF, Structured-Light and a comprehensive line of SDK and Middleware in this unforgettable event to come. Join us at Automate 2024 to discover more. Visit us at Automate, Booth #3453, May 6-9 2024, McCormick Place, Chicago IL, USA.

For more information, visit or write us to [email protected] for details.


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