LIPS Unveils PCIe Endpoint-Mode 3DxAI Edge Accelerator Powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

LIPS ® , a global leading provider in 3DxAI solutions, is announcing the new LIPSedge™ F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator at Embedded World 2023 (Booth# 2-554, Hall 2), based on the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ module.

LIPSedge F110 3DxAI

LIPSedge™ F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator is the world’s first NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier-based PCIe PoE+ endpoint-mode edge accelerator. It allows a single x86 system to scale-up and pre-process multiple 3D camera streams in low latency while performing AI inference and keeping the CPU utilization low. It is also the first product of its kind that allows the end users to build applications that take advantage of both x86 and NVIDIA Jetson architecture at the same time, bringing AI to legacy industrial automation systems.


Here are the feature highlights of LIPSedge™ F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator


• Industrial-ready, Jetson AGX Xavier-based, PCIe-based edge accelerator for 2.5 GigE/ PoE RGB-D camera with GenICam
• Features 2 robust 2.5G PoE+ ports with PSE (up to 30 watts)
• Run at PCIe endpoint mode
– High-bandwidth data transfer with PCIe 4.0 up to 16GB/s
– Low-latency direct data transmission to GPU via RDMA without consuming CPU resource
– Features LIPS® Cleverboot™ Interconnect for multi-OS systems without use of a hypervisor
– Allows programmable edge computing with NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL
• Root Port Deployment from single lane to multi lanes
• One jumper to switch between root port and endpoint mode
• Features LIPS own 3D point cloud de-noise, stitching and fusion algorithms
• Compatible with LIPSedge™ 3D Camera and SDK wrappers
– Extended library support of NVIDIA Isaac robotics software and latest NVIDIA JetPack SDK


Best of all, LIPSedge™ F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator allows scale-up edge acceleration with up to three edge accelerators per single x86 system. It takes 3D depth capturing and edge AI to the next level while reducing costs, simplifying installation, and easing maintenance burden for deployment.


“Processing multiple 3D camera streams in real time has always been a big challenge in the industry. LIPS is able to provide a low-latency and scale-up edge acceleration architecture that not only speeds up image processing but also AI inference. By enabling NVIDIA Jetson running PCIe end-point mode on x86, we are also providing a next-generation building block to drive new innovations in edge-AI,” said Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation .


Samples of the new LIPSedge™ F110 3D 3DxAI Edge-Accelerator are available for evaluation. For more information, please visit LIPSedge™ F110 3D 3DxAI Edge-Accelerator product page or write to [email protected] for inquiry.


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