Introducing the Latest Edge-AI Enabled LIPSedge 3D Cameras and 3DxAI Edge Accelerators at iREX 2023

LIPS Corporation, a global leader in 3DxAI solutions, proudly announces its revolutionary edge-AI enabled 3D cameras and 3DxAI edge accelerators at iREX 2023, designed to elevate intelligent robotic and factory automation applications.


latest generation of edge-AI enabled 3D camera

The latest generation of edge-AI enabled 3D cameras, including the LIPSedge S205p, LIPSedge AE430, and LIPSedge AE470, are active stereo cameras with embedded AI System-on-Chip (SOC). These cameras are tailored to tackle the evolving challenges in real-time processing of intricate 2D and 3D image data. Developers can harness the onboard edge computing and Image Signal Processor (ISP) for image processing and Deep Neural Network (DNN) inferences, significantly reducing bandwidth latency and enhancing reliability for continuous 24/7 operations.



lipsedge s205p camera

The LIPSedge S205p, part of the new LIPSedge S-Series Active Stereo Camera line, introduces the Ambarella CV2 CVflow® edge AI perception SoC. Delivering high-resolution RGB-D data at a full frame rate, it provides developers with high-quality image data essential for building and deploying 2D and 3D machine vision applications. With features like wide field of view (FOV), long-range capabilities, global shutter, and exceptional accuracy, the S205p excels in various applications, including Vision Guided Robotics (VGR), Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR), industrial automation, and safety. Moreover, it supports industrial 3D frameworks such as OpenNI, OpenCV, ROS/ROS2, Halcon, Nvidia Isaac, and more.


lipsedge F110 edge accelerator

Introducing the LIPSedge F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator, the world’s first NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier-based PCIe PoE+ endpoint-mode edge accelerator. This innovative device allows a single x86 system to scale up and pre-process multiple 3D camera streams with low latency while performing AI inference, maintaining low CPU utilization. It stands out as the first product of its kind, enabling end users to leverage both x86 and NVIDIA Jetson architecture simultaneously, thereby bringing AI capabilities to legacy industrial automation systems.


LIPS is also showcasing its latest Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) solutions, featuring Halcon 3D Gripping Point Detection and NVIDIA Omniverse & Isaac SIM. This solution, running on LIPSedge 3D cameras and TM Robot for robotic pick-and-place applications, serves as a reference design for customers looking to benefit from GenICAM and NVIDIA Isaac support for the LIPSedge 3D camera family.


lipsmetric multiple dimensioining solution

In addition, LIPS introduces the LIPSMetric Multiple Dimensioning Solution, designed to automate dimension measurement operations in the logistics industry. The newly launched LIPSMetric HA115-p/HA115-MH Handheld Dimensioner, integrated with the LIPSedge L210 3D Structured-Light camera, performs dimension measurements with sub-second precision, accommodating various object sizes, shapes, and orientations. A must-have for companies seeking to optimize their logistics operations!


Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation, expressed, “The newly announced LIPSedge 3D Cameras with Edge-AI capabilities empower ISVs to deliver responsive, efficient, and privacy-aware solutions across a spectrum of robotic and factory automation applications. The LIPSedge F110 3DxAI Edge Accelerator further enhances performance and reduces latency in multi-camera applications. This underscores LIPS’ technical prowess, accumulated over the years, and our commitment to assisting robotic and factory automation customers in all aspects of 3DxAI application development, ultimately improving operational efficiency and providing cost savings.”


For more information on the latest LIPS products and solutions, visit us at LIPS booth (#E4-10) at iREX 2023. Alternatively, explore the details on the official LIPS website ( or reach out via email at [email protected]. Elevate your vision with LIPS!


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