Build Your Smart Factory with LIPS

The Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) goes beyond proof of concept and into wider adoption and deployment across industries. A survey by IIoT giant Microsoft found that 94% of companies said they will implement IIoT strategies by 2021.

In fact, IDC predicts that spending on IoT technology will reach a trillion US dollars by 2022. The largest sectors investing in the emerging technology include discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, transportation and utilities.

Manufacturers that aren’t investing heaving in analytics by 2020 will have a hard time to keep up with the competition going forward.

LIPS 3D AI Robotic Factory Automation Solutions

LIPS Robotic Factory Automation Solutions consist of the fabric of LIPSedge AE400 Industrial 3D Cameras that can expand to variety of applications including Robotic Factory Asset Monitoring, Robotic Factory, VGR, Robotic Factory Safety, and Robotic Factory Logistics.

LIPSedge™ AE400 is an Industrial 3D Camera powered by Intel® RealSense™ Technology. It is designed to meet the stringent and tough environment on the factory floor. LIPSedge™ AE400 features GigaE Interface with PoE (Power over Ethernet), IP67 classification to protect against dirt, dust, or water splashes, and built-in 6-axis IMU that supports broader robotic applications. LIPSedge™ AE400 is suited for industrial applications such as robotics, logistics & transportation, factory automation, and 3D monitoring & inspection.

LIPS® Vision Guided Robot (VGR) Footwear Automation Solution consists of a new generation of 3D machine and robot vision technologies that enables automation in Footwear manufacturing. 

LIPS® 3D Virtual Fence Solution enables factories to establish 3D region of the interest such as safety or hazardous zones. Workers can receive immediate warnings if breaching them. It leapfrogs from the traditional 2D based solution where high precision is required!

LIPS® 3D Ruler Solution provides accurate dimension measurement of multiple objects. It can mount on top of conveyor belt moving up to 1m/sec in logistic centers or warehouses. It can also be installed on #mobile tablets with 3D depth camera for logistics and warehousing applications.

To see the Live demo, please visit us at Smart Factory Forum in Ambassador Hotel Hshinchu on 2020.10.08.  To get more information, please visit our website or email us at!

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