LIPS® Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) for Footwear Automation with LIPSedge™ AE400

Delivers Speed and Cost Advantages for Footwear Automation

LIPS® VGR Solution consists of a new generation of 3D Vision and AI technologies that enables smart factories, autonomous warehouses and robot automation. In the past, many manufacturing operations that cannot be automated can now benefit with 3D robot vision.

In Footwear Industry, the adhesive bonding process of the shoes sole involves the human operators to apply the glue to various shoe styles and sizes. With LIPS® VGR solution, this process can now be automated by calculating the glue spraying path in real-time and applying the glue to various shoe sizes and surfaces. With LIPSedge AE400 Industrial 3D Camera, the solution also no longer requires slow and expensive Line Scan Camera to generate the 3D point cloud and can reduce the costs substantially.

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