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LIPSafeGuard 3D Virtual Fence: An Innovative Solution for Safer Robotic Factories

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Robotic factories have significantly increased efficiency and productivity. However, with automation, there is also an increased risk of workplace injury. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, contact with harmful objects or substances accounts for 40% of workplace injuries. To address this pressing issue, LIPS has developed a cutting-edge solution - the LIPSafeGuard 3D Virtual Fence.

3D AI-based Collision Avoidance System

LIPSafeguard is an advanced collision avoidance system designed to work in conjunction with robotic arms. Its innovative 3D AI technology detects any breach in the virtual fence, which users can define and arrange based on the worker's distance. The system is then able to signal the robotic arms to slow down or stop immediately, preventing any injuries.

Body-Skeletal Level Movement Detection

One of the unique features of LIPSafeguard is its ability to recognize workers' movements at the body-skeletal level. This allows the system to differentiate between minor breaches, such as a limb, and major breaches, such as a worker's head. If the worker gets too close or their head enters the fence, the robot will stop immediately, ensuring maximum safety.

Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Coverage

Compared to current laser or infrared-based solutions, LIPSafeguard provides better coverage and is more cost-effective. With LIPSafeguard, there is no need for additional hardware or complex setup procedures, making it an easy-to-use solution for all types of robotic factories.

Human vs Non-Human Intrusion Detection

In addition to detecting worker intrusions, LIPSafeguard can also distinguish between human and non-human intrusions. This feature prevents false alarms and ensures the system only signals the robotic arms when there is an actual breach in the virtual fence.

Learn More about LIPSafeGuard

LIPSafeguard is a revolutionary solution that can significantly reduce the risk of workplace injuries in robotic factories. To learn more about LIPSafeguard, contact the LIPS team at Make your workplace safer and more efficient with LIPSafeGuard.

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