LIPSafeGuard 3D Virtual Fence Solution for Smart Robotic Factories

The cost of workplace injury is grave. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 40% of workplace injuries are caused by contact with harmful objects or substance. To enhance the safety in robotic factories, LIPS introduces a 3D AI based collision avoidance system.

LIPSafeguard 3D Virtual Fence is designed to work seamlessly with the robotic arms and prevent injuries. With LIPSafeguard, users can define multiple hazard zones arranged according to the worker’s distance. Once the system detects a breach, it can signal the robotic arms to slow down or stop immediately.

LIPSafeguard 3D Virtual Fence can recognize the worker’s movement at body-skeletal level. When parts of limbs accidentally breaches the fence, it can tell that a complete shutdown is not necessary. However, if the worker gets too close or if his head is inside the fence, the robot will stop immediately. LIPSafeguard provides better coverage and is more cost-effective than the current laser or infrared based solutions.

In addition, LIPSafeguard can also distinguish human vs non- human intrusions such as AGV or AMR to prevent false alarms. To learn more, visit http://www.lips-hci.com/ or write to info@lips-hci.com to ask for the information!

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