Come and See LIPS @ CareTEX 2020 in Tokyo Big Sight

In view of the aging population and the shortage of nursing power, LIPS Corporation , the global leading provider of AI-enabled 3D sensing solutions, will launch LIPSCare™ 3D Vision and AI Elderly Care Solution in the CareTEX 2020 in Tokyo. The solution consists of the LIPScare™ 3D AI Sensor and the centralized management system designed to help the elderly or the patients to live independently without infringing on privacy, and effectively reduce the manpower gap of medical staff and provide a higher level of care services.

medical room

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, the proportion of people over 60 years old in the world will nearly double from the current 12% to 22% in 2050. In the United States, for example, due to the ageing of the population and the growth of nurse resources, The US Health Resources and Services Administration (USHRSA) expects to have a shortage of more than 1 million nurses by 2020, and the use of Smart Care devices effectively reduce the labor gap for caregivers and provide better quality of nursing.



LIPSCare™ Elderly Care Solution utilizes the latest 3D vision and AI deep-learning technology. The system detects and sends the immediate notifications to caretakers when seniors require assistance during the fall or faintness. It also records both sleep and in-room activities, so that caregivers can better understand the behavior of the elders and can provide personalized health management. In addition, the system can be further upgraded to select special care functions, such as extubation risk prediction and restlessness detection.


Centralized Management System


To see the Live demo, please visit us at Booth #17-21 in 2020 CareTEX in Tokyo Big Sight.  To get more information, please visit our  website or email us at  [email protected] !

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