Join LIPS® at Intersec Dubai 2020

Intersec Dubai 2020  is the world’s leading trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection.  LIPS® Corporation , a global leading provider of 3D Sensing Solutions, is showcasing security and surveillance solutions designed to enable new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in industrial security and surveillance operations and applications.


LIPSFace AC770

Time to Upgrade to 3D Facial Recognition Technology


Traditional 2D Facial Recognition can easily be fooled by masks and photos and is raising security concerns. LIPSFace AC770 is a contact-less AI-enabled 3D AI Facial Recognition Terminal based on biometric authentication with advanced 3D Liveness detection technology. Featuring the LIPSFace AI engine, LIPSFace AC770 ranks among the top in the world with Megaface accuracy up to 98.89% and LFW up to 99.83%. LIPSFace AC770 provides ultra-fast authentication experiences for all environments where top #security level is required such as offices, hospitals, commercial buildings, private apartments, hotels, VIP lounges, and financial institutions. Best of all, LIPSFace AC770 is powered by Intel® RealSense™ technology and accelerated by Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit for the high-level security.


Ensure Asset and Worker Safety with LIPSafeguard 3D Virtual Fence Solution

LIPSafeguard 3D VirtualFence  enables industrial enterprises to establish 3D region of the interest such as safety or hazardous zones where high-valued assets are placed. Operators can receive immediate warnings if breaching these virtual fences. It leapfrogs from the traditional 2D based solution where high precision is required.


Enterprises can apply the 3D Virtual Fence to define workspace limits where false alarms are no longer an issue with the precise trigger along the x, y, z axis. If there are robots present on your factory floor, you can also define different level of safety zones for robotic arm to adjust speed  or halt operations when operator gets too close. The solutions allows industrial enterprises to create a safe working environment while complying with regulations. LIPSafeguard 3D Virtual Fence Solution is best used with LIPSedge™ AE400 Industrial 3D Camera , the toughest Intel® RealSense™ compatible 3D depth camera on the market today.


Identify Repeated Customers with Powerful LIPS® Retail Surveillance Solution

LIPS Retail Surveillance Solution can help retailers build anonymous shopper profiles and monitor the new or repeated customers with their physical and emotional status. This is especially important when Retailers really need effective product placement.


LIPS Retail Surveillance Solution can help a retailer get insights such as: Whether the shopper is a new or repeated customer? What are their gender and ages? What are their emotional state when looking at the merchandise? Whether they looked at an item or spent significant time? Whether they picked a product? Whether they bought multiple products?


With a powerful video analytics capability provided by LIPS® Retail Surveillance Solution, retailers can track and analyze buying behavior of each buyer. This in-turn can also help identify the customer who is more willing to buy or whether the product is placed at the right place.

faces identify

To see the Live demo, please visit us at Booth #S1H51 in Intersec Dubai 2020 between 12/19-12/21. You can schedule a demo by RSVP or email us at [email protected]

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