LIPS Corp. 2024 A.I. Expo Spring (Tokyo)

LIPS Corporation, in partnership with our distribution partner Inabata, is thrilled to announce our participation in the 2024 A.I. Expo Spring event in Tokyo.


Join us at Tokyo Big Sight, Booth #2-4, from 5/22 to 5/24 to experience our revolutionary 3D x AI camera & solutions firsthand. We are transforming industries with cutting-edge innovations in Smart Building & Smart Retail, Smart Parking, Multiple Dimensioning, Vision Guided Robotics and Autonomous Mobile Robots.


We will be showcasing our LIPSedge™ AE Series for Robotic Hand-eye, our Edge Accelerator based on NVIDIA™ Jetson Xavier, and the LIPSedge™ S Series, an award-winning Edge-AI Acceleration 3D Stereo Camera.

LIPSedge™ AE430 Active Stereo

3D Camera

480a0e 5b22ac8b6c624314954dc1a6ebdb95a7mv2 | LIPS Corporation


  • Ultra-light weight 280 grams for Robotic Hand-eye 3D Depth camera

  • Compact and Flat for Robotic arms


  • Supported with LIPSedge™ SDK for GenICam protocol compatible software

  • Integrate and deploy to MVTec® Halcon™, Zebra® Aurora Vision, ROS1, ROS2

LIPSedge™ F110 Edge Accelerator

F110 | LIPS Corporation


    • PCIe Edge Accelerator with PCIe Endpoint Mode

    • Based on NVIDIA™ Jetson Xavier

    • Runs on x86 motherboards.

    • Bypasses the CPU releasing resources

    • Expansion and Scalability on top of a single motherboard

    • Efficiency and speed of the robotic system and reducing the latency compared with traditional methods of robotic systems setups

LIPSedge™ S Series Edge-AI

3D Depth Camera

480a0e 04fb17a8d35e45d9a6719ecf25aa831dmv2 | LIPS Corporation


  • Edge-AI Acceleration 3D Stereo Camera

  • NN inferencing directly on device

  • Ambarella’s CV2 Empowered

  • Deploy directly on-Edge with 3D vision

  • Use industry tools Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch for deployment of on-Edge A.I 3D Vision with Image Analytics

To find out more, please visit LIPS® website at

And contact directly for questions and inquiries to [email protected]

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