LIPS Corp. 2024 Computex (Taipei, Taiwan)

LIPS Corporation is proud to announce we are co-exhibiting with our partners at Computex 2024.

In this event, LIPS as 3DxAI Solution Partner, empowers the usage of 3D Depth into real-world applications and real hardware that can be felt and touched.

LIPS highly appreciates the collaboration and inspiration from Inventec, Kontron, Linker Vision and NVIDIA to make this showcase possible.

Kontron & LIPS

We are glad to participate in a group exhibition with Kontron at COMPUTEX. LIPS will showcase a variety of 3D solutions, including LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose SDK for Estimation on Smart Fitness Trainer, 3D smart measurement for Smart Logistics & Warehousing, and Protective Equipment Detection for Workplace Safety. These practical applications will be demonstrated using Kontron’s industrial computers with the LIPSedge™ AE400 3D Depth Camera.

Inventec, LIPS & Linker Vision

We are also honored to participate in another group exhibition with Inventec. A powerful product combination of Inventec’s Seadra Server, Linker Vision’s 2D AI solution, and LIPS’s 3D camera LIPSedge™ AE450 and LIPSedge™ F110 Edge A.I. accelerator card will demonstrate live 3D/2D AI people tracking for smart factory applications, as well as our Virtual Fence for worker safety and People Counting for Smart Building applications.

LIPSedge™ AE400 Active Stereo 3D Camera


AE400 02 工作區域 1 1 | LIPS Corporation
  • Industrial 3D Depth camera for Factory Automation
  • IP67, with IMU & Built-in Heatsink
  • Supported with LIPSedge™ SDK for GenICam protocol compatible software
  • Integrate and deploy to MVTec® Halcon™, Zebra® Aurora Vision, ROS1, ROS2


LIPSedge™ F110 Edge A.I. Accelerator

  • PCIe Edge Accelerator with PCIe Endpoint Mode
  • Based on NVIDIA™ Jetson Xavier
  • Runs on x86 motherboards.
  • Bypasses the CPU releasing resources
  • Expansion and Scalability on top of a single motherboard
  • Efficiency and speed of the robotic system and reducing the latency compared with traditional methods of robotic systems setups
480a0e 1b71adc478bf4eba9964a138ebdb048amv2 | LIPS Corporation

LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose SDK


1 | LIPS Corporation
  • Full Body Skeleton Tracking
  • Outputs RGB, Depth and Skeletal Image
  • 18 Joints full-body skeletal tracking
  • 10 People tracking
  • Swing & Staggering Motion Detection
  • Empowered with NVIDIA TensorRT™ acceleration
  • Empowered with Intel OpenVino™ acceleration

Join us at Computex 2024 to discover more.

Visit us at Inventec’s Booth M1112 (Hall 1 – 4th Floor), Kontron’s Booth P0110 (Hall 2 – 1st Floor).


To find out more, please visit LIPS® website at

And contact directly for questions and inquiries to [email protected]

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