At the forefront of Factory Automation: LIPS as a Member of Taiwan e-F@ctory Alliance and Mitsubishi

As the world continues to evolve, factory automation has become more critical than ever before. It’s no longer just about the performance of a single device, but rather the entire system’s performance. From data intelligence to the sensor level and everything in between, every layer plays a vital role in ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.

To meet the growing market demands, Taiwan e-F@ctory Alliance has formed a strong partnership to deliver the most comprehensive and integrated solution possible. The e-F@ctory Alliance boasts of over 610 business partners worldwide and over 7,700 members, including Mitsubishi Electric, Intel, Honda, Shihlin Electric, and many more. Currently, over 70 companies have already joined the alliance in Taiwan.

LIPS is delighted to be part of the Taiwan e-F@ctory Alliance. With our range of cutting-edge solutions, including the LIPSedge Ruggedized 3D Camera , LIPSArm Visual Guided Robotics Solution, LIPSMetric 3D Metrology Solution, and LIPSafeguard 3D Virtual Fence , we can help build tomorrow’s factory. Our solutions are designed to cater to various factory needs, ensuring optimal efficiency, productivity, and safety.

taiwan e-factory alliance

Joining the Taiwan e-F@ctory Alliance further enhances our capabilities, enabling us to deliver more innovative and integrated solutions to our customers worldwide. Our partnership with Mitsubishi Electric, one of the e-F@ctory Alliance’s founding members, also strengthens our position as a leading provider of factory automation solutions.

For more information on our solutions and partnership with the Taiwan e-F@ctory Alliance and Mitsubishi Electric, please email us at [email protected] . Let us help you achieve your automation goals with our state-of-the-art solutions.

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