LIPSedge AE Series: Industrial-grade 3D Camera with NVIDIA Isaac Compatibility

Are you looking for an industrial-grade 3D camera that can withstand harsh environments and provide robust perception for your robots? Look no further than the LIPSedge AE Series . These ruggedized active stereo cameras are designed to support GigE with PoE & IP67 ratings, making them flexible and easy to install in a variety of applications.


NVIDIA Isaac Certified and Compatible

All cameras in the LIPSedge AE Series are NVIDIA Isaac certified and compatible with the latest NVIDIA Isaac SDK, supporting JetPack 4.6.1 and multiple Jetson platforms. This makes them ideal for use cases that require robustness, flexibility, and protection against harsh environment conditions.


Enhanced 3D Vision for Autonomous Robots

Once deployed, the LIPSedge AE Series 3D Camera can provide enhanced 3D vision for your robots. With features such as perception, segmentation, pose estimation, and human pose estimation, these cameras can detect objects, navigate autonomously, and move objects. This can help improve the efficiency and safety of your operations.


Introducing the LIPSedge™ AE470

For a compact and lightweight option, consider the LIPSedge™ AE470 . This camera weighs less than 300 grams and has a compact form factor, GigE/PoE support, edge-AI SOC, and IP67 dust and water-proof rating. It’s perfect for robotics and edge-AI applications that require enhanced range and ruggedness.


Try it Out Today!

To learn more or try out the LIPSedge AE Series 3D Camera, visit our product page for the latest information on the AE470 . You can also check out our documentation page to learn how to set up the ISAAC SDK and LIPS ISAAC wrapper. With the LIPSedge AE Series, you can take your robotics and AI applications to the next level.

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