LIPSedge™ AE470 Industrial Ruggedized Active StereoFor AMR / VGR / AGV & Factory Automation Applications

LIPS® releases its LIPSedge™ AE470 with Edge Processing capabilities up to 5.0 TOPS, from the Industrial LIPSedge™ AE Series.

An Industrial Ready Ruggedized Active Stereo 3D Depth Camera

  • Long Range and Wide FOV

  • Depth Enhancement for Low Noise

  • Compact & Slim Form Factor

  • IP67 Dust & Water-Proof

  • GigE & PoE support

  • Persistent Connection

  • SDK and Frameworks

  • Edge A.I. Computing

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Meeting the highest demands for Automated Mobile Robots, comes with an Enhanced Range for an ideal use of 6 meters, and Wide FOV up to 87 horizontal degrees. An easy mounting with its compact and slim shape, the LIPSedge™ AE470 connectivity can also be secured with both the built-in M12 Lock and Persistent Connection firmware feature, and a 6H Industrial Grade Protective glass for anti-scratch. With a Built-In Heatsink, and industrial grade housing, the heat is easily dissipated for stability and long-term operation.

A full and comprehensive support with LIPSedge™ SDK Ecosystem, Industrial Frameworks documentation support including: GenICam for Halcon and Aurora VisionNVIDIA Preferred Partner for NVIDIA Isaac deployments, ROS and ROS2 libraries.

Enable Edge A.I. Computing directly and processing directly On-Device with LIPSedge™ AE470 as Open-Root, Emulate and Test with QEMU on different platforms, develop and use most widely available Neural Networks libraries supported in the market such as Tensor Flow and Caffee.

An Industrial Ready Ruggedized Active Stereo 3D Depth Camera


Long Range for an Enhanced View

Wide FOV covering More Area
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Industrial Qualified


  • M12 Lock securing the physical connection.

  • 6H Protective Glass for endurance in harsh environments.

  • Scratch Resistance Glass avoids scratches affecting measurements.

  • IP67 (Ingress Protection) Certified against dust & water.

  • Built-In Heatsink up to 50C for stability and long-term operation.

  • Persistent Connection in the Network Session without Resets.

  • GigE and Power-over-Ethernet for easy installation.

  • IMU of 6-axis for Precise and Accurate positioning reading.

Edge A.I. Ready, LIPSedge™ SDK and Frameworks


The LIPSedge™ AE470 enables solutions to run On-Device processing for applications that require Low Latency with Edge Computing and enhanced capabilities developed from using Neural Networks models.


Bringing the benefits from reducing compilation time, the LIPSedge™ AE470 provides the choice of emulating conditions through QEMU for mostly used hardware platforms prior the deployment.


The LIPSedge™ AE470 alternatively provides the Development Kit of LIPSedge™ AE470-DK to directly test the development.


With its comprehensive support of LIPSedge™ SDK based on OpenNI2, widely used Industrial Frameworks including GenICam for Halcon™ and Aurora Vision™, ROS and ROS2, and NVIDIA Isaac™, and a complete documentation available from LIPS®, deploying Applications and Use-Cases can be made effortlessly.


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LIPSedge™ AE470:



LIPS® Persistent Connection:

LIPS®Frameworks Support: GenICam(Halcon/Aurora Vision)ROS/2NVIDIA Isaac



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