LIPS Announces New Products at Semicon Taiwan 2021

LIPS and our Japanese distributor Inabata Co., Ltd. jointly unveil the latest LIPS 3DxAI products and solutions during the Semicon 2021 . The new product offering targets multiple industries and applications including 3D vision, Smart factories, Smart logistics, Smart Healthcare, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Metaverse, and more. It also supports the latest generation of Intel and Nvidia edge computing platforms, and industry’s leading 3D Vision frameworks, such as Open NI, Open CV, ROS, Halcon, Nvidia Isaac & Omniverse. It can help companies develop more powerful industrial-grade machine vision applications, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and realize more benefits.

Lipsedge 3Dcamera line for Intel & Nvidia.

The full-range of LIPSedge 3D cameras exhibited at the Semicon Taiwan 2021 are the most comprehensive and powerful in the market today, covering mainstream 3D sensing technologies such as Stereo, Time-of-Flight, and Structured Light. The new LIPSedge L210u/L215u 3D structured light cameras , with up to Full-HD resolution, high precision (≤ 0.3% @100cm), and 940nm wavelength VCSEL light source can be used indoors and outdoors, and can support short-range 3D sensing applications such as 3D scan, 3D facial recognition, 3D measurement, and visual defect inspection. The small form factor and high cost-performance of the LIPSedge L series make it an ideal RealSense alternative for customers looking to transition.

lipsedge series 3D structured light camera

The new LIPSedge AE450 Ruggedized 3D Stereo Camera has the advantages of range (over 10 meters), wide-FOV, and high accuracy. It supports industrial requirements such as GigE/PoE/IP67/IMU/Built-in heatsink. It is ideal for Smart manufacturing, Vision Guided Robotis (VGR), and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). In addition, The full-line of LIPSedge 3D Cameras can be deployed with Intel x86 and Nvidia’s Jetson edge computing platform. LIPS has teamed up with our IPC partners such as AAEON, ADLINK, Advantech, Aetina, AI Mobile, Axiomtek, and others to ensure our camera performance and product compatibility.

Ruggedized 3D camera AE450

For the logistics industry, LIPS has launched 3DxAI enabled LIPSMetric Multi-Dimensional Measurement Solution, which can support static or handheld measurement. Our industrial-grade algorithms can measure objects through a 3D depth camera, helping companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and obtain more benefits. The newly released LIPSMetric ST115 Static Dimensioner conforms to the logistics industry standard, can measure a variety of object sizes in any direction, form or shape in sub-second time. It is essential for companies wishing to optimize logistics operations!

In addition, LIPS also announced new versions of LIPSense middleware. The new LIPSense 3D Body Pose SDK , which provides the most stable 3D skeleton and ID tracking performance on the market today, can be used for smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, smart fitness, and interactive gaming. The new versions of LIPScan 3D Desktop and LIPScan 3D Scan SDK provide advanced 3D scanning solutions to emplower digitization for industrial design operations and support the development of next-generation meta-universe related applications.

Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation, said “The latest launch of the new LIPS 3DxAI product and solution is a demonstration of our accumulated technical strength over the years. The new offering can assist customers to develop more powerful 3D vision application than never before, especially the new RealSense alternative solution can seamlessly meet the challenges of existing customers looing to transition!”


lipsedge 3dcamera as Intel realsense alternative


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