LIPS Corporation Received Business Excellence Award 2021 from CIO Bulletin

Taipei, Taiwan, Mar. 29th, 2021 – LIPS Corp. received Business Excellence Award 2021 from CIO Bulletin Magazine . The selection is based on the innovative 3D AI solutions that LIPS had been providing to the industrial and enterprise communities.

Lips CEO Luke Liu

CIO Bulletin acknowledges that LIPS is at the forefront of providing Industrial 3D Vision and AI solutions, and offers innovative platforms to improve the performance of many industries including manufacturing, logistics, physical security, robotics, healthcare, and more.


Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, LIPS products and solutions can perform AI inferences of the 3D depth images to perform industrial & enterprise applications with great speed and accuracy. LIPS designs, builds and customizes 3D depth cameras with mainstream 3D sensing technologies, including Time-of-Flight (ToF), stereo, and structure light.


During an exclusive interview with CIO Bulletin , Luke Liu, Chairman and CEO of LIPS Corp. , shared his story in seeing the 3D camera opportunities when he was researching MIT CSAIL. Compared to a 2D camera, a 3D camera sees one additional dimension and can perform industrial applications faster and more accurately.


“LIPS is honored to receive the Business Excellence Award 2021 from CIO Bulletin . It also signals that 3D AI applications are going mainstream with the full attention from the CIOs and CTOs in the Industrial and Enterprise communities”, said Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation.


To see Luke’s full interview with CIO Bulletin, please click here for more!


About LIPS Corporation


LIPS is a global leading provider of AI-enabled 3D Sensing solutions. We design, build, and customize 3D depth cameras, middleware, and provide turnkey solutions to fulfill our customers’ applications. Our differentiation comes from our unique strength in delivering customized machine vision and AI solutions that meets customer applications in every industry. For more Information, please visit


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