LIPS and Aetina Team Up to Offer Ideal 3D Vision Edge Computing Platform

Taipei, Taiwan, Apr. 12th, 2021 – LIPS Corp. and Aetina Corp. today announced the partnership to bundle LIPSedge 3D Camera Series powered by Aetina edge computing platform. The product bundle will market under LIPSedge Ex Series and is designed to address the hardware and software compatibility issues that long existed in 3D Vision application development and expedite the time-to-market for 3D Vision application deployment.

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In this bundle, LIPS will offer a total of 6 different models of 3D Depth Cameras and Aetina will offer 2 NVIDIA Jetson models that cover various 3D Vision technologies, form factors, and targeted applications. For example, LIPSedge AE400 Ruggedized 3D Camera with Aetina Jetson AGX Xavier™ -based platform AX720-X32 features GigaE/PoE, built-in IMU, and is suited for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Robotic Arm Control, AI Computing, Smart City & more. LIPSedge M3 Embedded 3D ToF Camera with Aetina Jetson™ TX2 -based AN510-TX2 / AN310-TX2 features a compact form factor with high Frames-per-Second (FPS) and is best suited for Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications embedded in Smart Retail Kiosks or Smart Digital Signage.


LIPS and Aetina will jointly ensure compatibility and performance that meet the latest 3D Vision application requirements. “LIPS is very excited to work with Aetina for the new LIPSedge Ex bundle . This is our answer to ensure our customers can deploy time-to-market 3D Vision applications with guaranteed compatibility and performance-based NVIDIA Jetson platforms “, says Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation.


“By combining LIPSedge 3D Camera with Aetina Edge AI solutions powered by NVIDIA Jetson Family, we can ensure that our customers meet their 3D application and time-to-market requirement”, says Eric Chu, Product Manager of Aetina Corporation.


About LIPS Corporation


LIPS is a global leading provider of AI-enabled 3D Sensing solutions. We design, build, and customize 3D depth cameras, middleware, and provide turnkey solutions to fulfill our customers’ applications. Our differentiation comes from our unique strength in delivering customized machine vision and AI solutions that meets customer applications in every industry. For more Information, please visit


About Aetina
Founded in Taiwan from 2012, Aetina is dedicated to high-performance GPGPU and Edge AI Computing solutions for industrial embedded applications. With continuous focus on the industry-specific form factors and high reputable GPU-accelerated computing products for a wide range of image-critical applications in medical, defense & aerospace, factory automation, gaming, machine learning, surveillance, and more edge computing markets. For more Information, please visit



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