LIPS Launches LIPSFace™ AC770 3D AI Facial Recognition Terminal and Wins iF Design Award 2020

Taipei, Taiwan, 3rd March 2020 – LIPS® Corporation , a global leading provider of Industrial 3D Vision and Edge-AI solutions, has received this year’s iF Design Award with the newly introduced LIPSFace™ AC770 3D AI Facial Recognition Terminal.

LIPSFace™ AC770sports an all-purpose flip design concept which allows a seamless transformation (desktop, wall-mount, stand, turnstile) in one unibody. It also provides 0.3 second ultra-fast and contact-less authentication experiences for the high-security facilities such as offices, hospitals, commercial buildings, R&D labs, private apartments, business, hotels, VIP lounges, financial institutions, and more.

Featuring the LIPSFace™ AI engine, LIPSFace™ AC770 Facial Recognition performance ranks among the top in the world with the MegaFace accuracy up to 98.89% and LFW up to 99.83%. LIPS® exclusive 3D AI Liveness Detection also leapfrogs from the traditional 2D technology where applying high-resolution 2D photos or 3D mask for authentication can no longer spoof this 3D-based system. LIPS® Ageless Recognition technology also continues to learn user's facial appearance over time.

A single LIPSFace™ AC770 unit can store and process up to 20,000 user profiles on the edge. Multiple AC770 terminals can connect to the Centralized Management Software (CMS) for deployment and store unlimited user-profiles. The CMS also provides easy integration to other user applications and platforms with RESTful APIs.

“LIPS® is very honored to win the iF Design Award 2020. It shows that LIPS® not only excels in developing cutting-edge 3D Sensing technology but also creating great product design and user experiences”, says Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation.

About LIPS Corporation

LIPS is a global leading provider of AI-enabled 3D Sensing solutions. We design, build, and customize 3D depth cameras, middleware, and provide turnkey solutions to fulfill our customers’ applications. Our differentiation comes from our unique strength in delivering customized machine vision and AI solutions that meets customer applications in every industry. For more Information, please visit https://www.lips-hci.com/


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