LIPS Announces New Product Offering in the 2022 Semicon Taiwan and upcoming 2022 AI EXPO TOKYO

September 13, 2022, Taipei, Taiwan – LIPS Corporation, a global leading 3DxAI solution provider, together with our Japanese distributor Inabata Co., Ltd. is showcasing our next generation of 3DxAI products and solutions at 2022 Semicon Taiwan (9/14~9/16) Subsequently, the new announced products will exhibit in the upcoming 2022 AI EXPO TOKYO [Autumn]. (10/26~10/28)


The newly announced 3DxAI solutions cover broad market segments such as 3D cameras, Vision-Guided Robots (VGR), Smart Factory, Smart Logistic, AIoT, Metaverse, RealSense alternatives and other related technical fields as well as support the new generation of Intel, Nvidia and Ambarella edge-computing platforms. The new solutions also support industrial 3D frameworks such as OpenNI, OpenCV, ROS/ROS2, Halcon, Nvidia Isaac, and more. LIPS 3DxAI solutions can empower enterprises to achieve industrial-grade machine vision applications while reducing costs and improving efficiency at the same time.


LIPSedge AE430


The LIPSedge™ 3D Camera line exhibited at Semicon Taiwan 2022 is one of the most comprehensive and powerful 3D camera line in the industry, covering mainstream technologies such as Stereo, Time-of-Flight (ToF) and Structured-Light. The newly announced LIPSedge™ AE430 /470 is the next generation of our award-winning LIPSedge™ AE400 Ruggedized 3D Stereo Camera which has just won the Award for Robotic System & Integration (ARSI) issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. Besides supporting IP67/PoE/IMU/built-in heatsink like the previous generation, LIPSedge™ AE430 /AE470 features superior depth image enhancement, compact form factor (118 x 32 x 60 mm), lightweight (280g), and edge-AI computing power up to 5.0 TOPS which makes LIPSedge™ AE430 /AE470 an excellent 3D camera choice for the robotic hand-eye and factory automation applications.


Near-Range 3D Camera Solutions


In addition, the new LIPSedge™ L210u/L215u 3D Structured-light Camera features high resolution (720p), excellent precision (≤ 0.3% @100cm), and 940nm wavelength VCSEL which can be deployed for indoors and outdoors. LIPSedge™ L210u/L215u can support close-range 3D sensing applications such as 3D scanning, facial recognition, object dimensioning, and defect inspection. The new LIPSedge™ L210u/L215u 3D Structured-Light Camera is not only small in size but also provides excellent depth performance! The new LIPSedge™ S205p is a ruggedized 3D Stereo Camera with long range (above 10 meters), wider FOV, and high precision capabilities. Featuring powerful Ambarella CV2 CVflow® Edge AI perception SOC (System on a Chip), LIPSedge™ S205p is great for factory automation, vision-guided robotics (VGR), and autonomous mobile robots (AMR). LIPSedge™ 3D camera line are compatible with the latest Intel x86 and Nvidia Jetson Orin platform. LIPS works extensively with our IPC partners such as AAEON, ADLINK, Advantech, Aetina, AI Mobile, Axiomtek to ensure our camera performance and compatibility.


LipsFace On-Device 3D


For AIoT related applications and RealSense alternatives, LIPS announces the new LIPSFace™ HW Series 3D Facial Recognition Camera Kit, with on-device 3D facial recognition algorithms on the camera module that do not take up system resource. It can integrate with access control devices that require high security and is an alternative to the Realsense ID series. LIPS also announces the new LIPSense™ TI Series Touchless Interface Camera Kit, an alternative to RealSense Touchless Control. By retrofitting with a 3D camera, the existing public kiosk with touchscreen can convert to touchless and avoid the potential cross infection of the virus. LIPSense™ TI Series can also convert the existing display-only screen to an interactive system with touchless operation and provide better cost advantage for the large-size screen comparing to the similar size touchscreen.


LIPSence TI110


To better help the logistics industry to better automate their operation, LIPS has launched the latest LIPSMetric™ Multiple Dimensioning Solution, which support both static or handheld measurement. Our industrial-grade measurement algorithms through 3D depth camera can help companies reduce costs while improving efficiency. The newly launched LIPSMetric™ HA110/HA115 Handheld Dimensioner Camera Kit can embed in handheld devices such as tablets, scanners, or PDA and satisfy the mobility requirement of the logistic industry to measure a variety of object sizes from any direction, form or shape in subsecond time. It is a must-have for companies looking to optimize the logistics operations!


LIPSMetric HA110


In terms of LIPSense Middleware Series, LIPS also introduced a new version of the LIPSense™ 3D Body Pose SDK that provides the most stable skeletal tracking performance on the market today, which can be used in Smart Manufacturing, Smart Healthcare, Smart Fitness, and interactive gaming. The new versions of LIPScan™ 3D Desktop and LIPScan™ 3D Scan SDK also provide advanced 3D scanning solutions for industrial design digitization and support the development of next-generation Metaverse-related applications.


LIPSense 3D Body Pose SDK


“The newly announced 2022 3DxAI solution with wide-ranging applications is a testament of LIPS technical strength which has accumulated over the years. We can assist customers in all aspects of 3DxAI application development which will improve operational efficiency and provide cost-saving to the enterprises. The LIPSedge™ AE Series Ruggedized 3D Camera already powered the AMR inside the BMW’s factory and robotic arm inside Koycera Japan for factory automation. We also provide RealSense alternatives that can provide seamless transition for the existing customers”, said Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation.


For more information on the LIPS’ 2022 product launch, please visit LIPS’ official website ( or email [email protected] for more information!


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